What is EYIN?


Education for the Employment of European Youth Immigrant Network – EYIN – is a transnational project whose objectives are:

  • Contribute to improve the quality of the support systems for youth activities related to non-formal education for the employment.
  • Strengthen the capacity of the civil society organization in the sphere of social and professional integration of European youth immigrant.
  • Support youth organizations and public agencies to build and develop their own solutions to fight youth unemployment.

The project will involve three main phases:

  1. Transnational meeting of construction work and activities among the participating partners for youth workers in the field of European youth immigrant, where 40 participants from European countries confronted the specific strategies and methods of learning through training for employment. “Job Shadowing” (practical learning experiences), Seminars.
  2. Four Youth Action Initiatives (one for each co-beneficiary) in the field of European youth immigrant to implement the proposals of vocational training as result of the “Job Shadowing”, through an on-line training platform for 200 European youth immigrants.
  3. A final meeting to reflect the experience, results and conclusions from the implementation of the training for employment.


  • Improvement the elimination of barriers and limits to the integration of the European youth immigrants, across the determination of strategies of vocational training for the employment and of tools of not formal education in a transnational context.
  • Qualify youth workers in the introduction of strategies of vocational education training for the employment of European youth immigrants, with attention to the Strategy Europe 2020, in relation to the document "Communication from the Commission to the European Parliament, the Council, the European Economic and Social Committee and the Committee of the Regions - A new impetus for European cooperation in Vocational Education and Training to support the Europe 2020 strategy-“
  • Fight against the social exclusion of the European youth immigrant, especially in periods of economic and financial crisis.

Impact envisaged:

The impact on young workers is to establish a framework as a reference for their activities in their organizations, as well as the creation of working tools for the detection of demands and needs for the European youth immigrants.

In the case of youth immigrant, the expected impact is to improve the chances finding employment, and greater concern for vocational training for employment through the new technologies.

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