What is EYIN?

Education for the Employment of European Youth Immigrant  Network–EYIN– is a transnational project whose objectives are:

- Contribute to improve the quality of the support systems for youth activities related to non-formal education for the employment.

- Strengthen the capacity of the civil society organization in the sphere of social and professional integration of European youth immigrant.

- Support youth organizations and public agencies to build and develop their own solutions to fight youth unemployment.


What countries participate in the project?

The project will take place in at least 4 European countries: Spain, Italy, Slovakia and Malta.


How many people can participate?

40 youth workers in the field of European youth immigrant.

200 European youth immigrants (50 beneficiaries of each co-beneficiary country).


Who can participate in the project?

European organizations and entities, youth workers in the field of the European youth immigrant and European youth immigrant can participate in the project.


What kind of European organizations and entities can participate?

Any public or private organization or entity of which users are European youth immigrants, second-generation immigrants or ethnic minorities and their purposes are training for employment, vocational guidance and social and labour insertion of their users.


What kind of workers can participate in the project?

Any volunteer and/or person who works in any process of social and labour insertion, training for employment or youth immigrant integration, ethnic minorities and second-generation immigrants.


Who can participate in the vocational training?

Any young immigrant can participate in the training, also ethnic minorities and second-generation immigrants can do it.

The selection will be made in response to studies and recommendations of the organizations participating in the Education for the Employment of European Youth Immigrant Network (EYIN), establishing a maximum number of participants per country.


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