University of Granada - Migration Institute (Spain)

The Migration Institute was approved for establishment by the Board of Governors of the University of Granada (at its meeting March 13, 2009) and definitely established by resolution of the Board of the University of Granada (at its meeting on 29 June 2009).

There are 77 teachers and professors at the University of Granada, which have signed it. They belong to eight different centers of the University (Educational Sciences, Law, Philosophy, Psychology, Political Science and Sociology, Translation and Interpretation and Social Work) and integrated turn in a total of 19 departments in different areas of knowledge.

The main objective of the Institute for Migration research is the development of quality in national and international contexts, for all the phenomena associated with migration and, from this research, dissemination of knowledge produced through teaching and scientific production, without neglecting the corresponding social commitment to such migratory phenomena more understandable to all citizens.

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