Diputación de Granada - Spain


It is a Public Administration of the province of Granada who has its own competencies and competencies delegated by the autonomous region.

The County Council of Granada (Diputación de Granada) attends municipalities under 20.000 habitants, provides local public services and guarantees the provision of such services throughout the province.

The County Council works in cooperation with municipalities of the province of Granada and their associations.

It also closely collaborates with social agents, NGOs, enterprises… through several kinds of agreements, networking and projects.

Our competences:

  • Coordinate municipal services
  • Legal, economic and technical assistance to town councils, especially to those which have less economic and management capacities.
  • Render public services with a supramunicipal or local nature.
  • Encourage and manage particular interests of the province.

Section of Training for Employment

The main goal is to provide counselling and suited technical support for the different municipalities and local entities to reinforce the role of the human resources from Granada, as a strategic factor in the provincial development, providing the necessary tools to facilitate their employability through their training and professional qualification.

  • Management of the Training Centres Network (formacionenredgranada). In the province of Granada 62 municipalities take part of it.
  • Management of the Training and Employment Programme: vocational employment training, both in-person and on line (Aula Mentor)
  • Technical assistance and management of the training actions for employment.
  • Technical assistance for accreditation and registration process of training centres for employment.
  • Mentoring of teachers and tutors: give them competences and skills in the management of tools (training platform, material ...). The County Council of Granada is conducting the training activities.
  • Management of European projects: ESF, Youth in Action, Lifelong Learning.


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